Not just a phase. Sunset Sunday.

It is difficult to side step the cliches and avoid trotting out some trite and patronising waffle when trying to describe how genuinely talented Sunset Sunday are, their debut album ‘Not just a phase’ is clever, thought provoking, catchy and fun, it brims with attitude and showcases the band’s talent and potential, which is glaringly obvious from the get go.

As I mentioned it’s damn hard to not sound patronising because these guys are all still  in their teens. I made the mistake of underestimating them when I first caught a performance by Burnout-13 (see my first ever blog), who with a blink of the eye swap instruments and transform into Sunset Sunday. Tristan Gorman, who predominantly writes the songs, takes over lead vocals swapping with Oscar Sharman who hops onto the drums. Will Stead holds station on Bass as does Evan Chase on guitar. They’ve been playing together as this line up since May 2015, which shows, because their performances are tight and professional.

It’s reassuring to know that punk rock is still thriving and not just surviving, in what surely must be it’s third generation? These young guys have been inspired by, and are now exploring this genre. It’s easy to recognise their love for Greenday, Sum 41 and the Pistols, not to mention NOFX and Black Flag. Which in my opinion is a very good thing!

There’s a lot for young people to be anxious and angry about in these turbulent times and Sunset Sunday have written songs that convey these emotions beautifully. For example ‘Make the world hate again’ is a biting criticism of a certain D Trump.

The ‘Escape song’ bemoans living in a small town, desperate to spread their wings and head for the bright lights, and although I am an old and jaded adult, I can still remember feeling like that. ‘Figure it out’ also explores anxieties, I’m not going to go all Freud, but shhhh, the secret is that adults can identify with every word too. I think this is why these guys are geniuses to be able to capture such depth of meaning and expression in their songs. Tristan Gorman is a scarily talented songsmith.

However, it’s not all angst, politics and satire, oh no, ‘Freddie’s room’ reminds the listener that these are young guys with a great sense of humour, this song reminds me of ‘Linoleum’ by NOFX. I shudder to think what was on the floor in Freddie’s room, that was mistaken for bacon, and eaten. Having seen the ‘Bad Education’ movie recently I sincerely hope that it wasn’t a ‘pork scratching’…..

Their album launch gig for ‘Not just a phase’ is on February 3rd at The Plough, in Taunton.

Punk rock is evolving.

See you in the circle pit!





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